As Above, So Below. And As Below, So Above

The sky above, through the heavenly bodies, provides a map––a pattern to navigate life here on earth.  Our earthly lives, in turn, reflect back the mysteries of the universe, as if mirroring each other in a circle of connection. Ultimately, without us, there is no meaning in the stars. We are the ones that animate them.

The 2022 Ad Astra Planner is a guide to self-discovery, healing and mindfulness through living in synchronicity with the cycles. We provide a guide for understanding your own birth chart, and manifesting with the moon and planetary alignments to unleash your full potential. ⋆☾

Available in three major time zones

Australian Western Standard Time:
Time zones with GMT +8 offset

Philippines (PHT), Singapore (SGT), Hong Kong (HKT), Malaysia (MYT), Brunei (BNT), China (CST), and Western Australia (AWST)

Eastern Standard Time:

Maryland, Georgia, New York, Maine, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Michigan, Massachusetts, Virginia, Quebec, Ontario, Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cayman Islands

Pacific Standard Time:

California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia

Create and plan for a year of abundance and connection

You will discover how to consciously create what you desire in life. Make the most of this with the secrets we’re passing on to you. 

Themed Edition: The Language of Flowers

Our planner was created intentionally and intuitively with these themes in mind– monthly flowers bloom for life, death, and rebirth in 2022. Through this connection of nature elements and flowers, we created for you a landscape of emotions and ideas that reflect the stars, bringing back magic in the mundane.


Minimalist Edition: Orbit Maps

The second of the two available themes of the planner that provides an overview of the alignment of the planets during the New Moon symbolizing new beginnings.


Your crash course to Astrology

Flow with the energies of the moon & learn the conversations of the planets. Our introductory course provides the foundation you need to live in synchronicity with the cosmos. Learn more about the planner's Astrological Features below.

Astrological features

Essential guide to reading your natal birth chart

Your journey to self-discovery starts here. Learn to read the placement of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth.

New Moon and Full Moon Journal Prompts & Wellness Rituals

Invite your dreams in the darkness of the new moon and release them into existence under the light of the full moon. Read through our full moon and new moon journal prompts each month and be guided with our therapy based suggested rituals.

Reference Spreads for Aspects, Elements, & Modes

Curious for more? Learn how the planets interact and behave around each other to comprehend more deeply the events of 2022.

Monthly Astrological Calendar

With all the transits you need to know for the month, it also includes planetary ingresses, moon phases, retrogrades, and major aspects between planets.

Companions to Moon Cycles & Retrogrades

Learn when and how to manifest as the moon runs through her cycles, and the planets rotate in their orbits through our moon phases guide.

Directory of Signs, Planets, & Houses

Refer to this directory for more in-depth information on Astrology.

A weekly wellness companion

Plan each week through these horizontal weekly spreads: contains quotes of wisdom from people who shaped our thoughts & ideas, and journal prompts that serve as brief moments to slow down, reflect, and contemplate your path.

Design features

Goal setting pages

No roadmap is perfect without a destination. Gauge your life satisfaction with the Wheel of Happiness and sow seeds for this year’s manifestations with our goal setting pages. Set your course here.

Yearly & Monthly overview spread

Get an overview of 2022 and 2023, and every month of 2022 to provide you clear space for your plans--it's never too early to plan ahead!

Customizable tracker

Want to increase sleep? Check your mood? Form a new habit? With any goal you set, our customizable tracker is here to keep you accountable.

Dotted & blank pages

Flexible, yet guided, the mix of dotted and blank pages provides freedom to customize and design your inner pages to your liking. 

Planner back pocket

For extra storage to safekeep loose pages, receipts, and other important notes you want to keep with your planner.

Double ribbon bookmark

Why have one when you can have two? Keep track of two pages at once -- you never have to choose just one!

Thick elastic band holder

Includes a thick elastic band to hold the pages together and keep it closed when not in use.

May you be able to express more authentically the essence of your being in 2022.

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