Our Story

Ad Astra (Latin for “to the stars'') is a collective of three women born out of the paralyzing uncertainty caused by the pandemic––Nina, a creative strategist, Inya, the artist, and Monica, the astrologer and drama therapist. As we sheltered-in-place, we were made to pause and reflect on what really mattered in life and how to navigate this looming crisis. What helped us? — Astrology, journaling, and self-reflection.


Together, we explored the cycles of the moon, planetary alignments, and our birth charts to help clarify and bring us back to our purpose. As the months of weekly Zoom calls ensued, the Leo reclaimed her spark, the Cancer reconnected with her intuition, and the Libra rediscovered authentic communication. We learned to slow down during retrogrades, set intentions during moon phases, and seek support when we were individually going through our own personal crises. This was how the 2022 Ad Astra Ad Astra Astrology Planner was created.  

We noticed the lack of accessible guided journals and all-around weekly planners that offered the freedom and space to design our year. We wanted to continue to feel supported in our community and have a framework with which to achieve our goals and manifest our desires. 

Founders of Ad Astra

This planner is a product of 12 months of weekly Zoom calls across New York and the Philippines, reflecting on the year ahead, dreaming of the possibilities and intentionally crafting art and wisdom for 2022. This planner is a celebration of hope, our hope for a radical new year ahead

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